meet Tweex

Professional Performance

Atmega 16

Micro Controller


On board serial communication

Motor driver

2 dedicated on board L293D

Plug & Play

no ext programmer needed


installed peripherals

Connect AC Appliance

through on board relay port

reasons to choose TeknoWish

awesome features

Awesome Support

Awesome Support

We have promised a hassle free working environment & we mean it. We at teknowish are committed to providing you support to all your queries regarding tweex. Feel free to ask anything about tweex and we’ll be glad to answer

Complete Solution

Complete Solution

You aren’t buying tweex development board alone, you are getting a complete solution. Tweex package contains everything you need to start from scratch. Read learn on the go policy for more details

Quality matters

Quality matters

For us quality is of pivotal importance.
Tweex undergoes two comprehensive checks before it comes to you. With our quality assurance policy you can well be assured that the tweex in your hand is error free. Read Quality Assurance policy for details

Zero Overheads

Zero Overheads

Delivery charge is on us. Teknowish will deliver you your tweex AVR board free of cost. That’s not all, don’t worry about GST, we’ll pay that on your behalf. We don’t believe in customer satisfaction but in customer delight

Tweak with Tweex

Create your mark

Experience Tweex, a hassle free embedded development platform. Do variety of projects with Tweex AVR development board. Share your ideas and experiences with us and let our experience and expertise guide you. Our team by all means will ensure how Tweex can be the brain of your creation. We value your creation, lets forge a partnership driven by sharing and delivering.

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Unboxing Tweex

Apart from Tweex AVR development board we give you 16×2 alphanumeric LCD display, 8×8 relimate female to female connector, 10 (1×1 female connector), USB B type programming cord, handnote and a CD, containing detailed reference manual of your Tweex AVR board

Take flight with dronik

create your legacy

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More to offer

Learn on the go

Register your Tweex on the website and we give you free projects to work on. Enhance your knowledge & skills of embedded electronics from the comforts of your home. Detailed projects with schematics and codes can be downloaded once you register your Tweex. You don’t want to miss that because we’ll keep updating the project list from time to time. We have ensured that the uploaded projects have minimal hardware requirements. So why wait. Plug in and play

Learn on the go


Partnering Us

Win cash rewards by partnering us. Make a working project with tweex AVR development board and send us a video. We’ll share your creation with the world and also reward you. Read our rewarding policy for more information. Wait, that’s not all- Contribute in teknoblog section and win rewards for every contribution

best quality AVR


Tweex Spec
Microcontroller 8 MHz, 16 kB flash
Ext Oscillator 16MHz
LCD Alphanumeric 16×2
7Segment Display 2 nos red 1 inch
Motor Driver 5V i/p, 12V o/p 4 motor outputs
Relay 5V, 5A
Buzzer 5V
Payload Capacity 500g
Body Material Carbon Infused/Polycarbonate Plastic
Connectivity 2x USB2.0, 1x USB2.0 OTG, 1x USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0, GPIO, FPV Cam/Tx, PWM/PPM/DSM/Sbus
Hover Accuracy Standard: 1.5m
No Text
LEDs 8 nos green 3mm
On board header pins 2.54mm pitch
Voltage regulator 12V/5V regulated
Serial connection DB9 female jack
Battery terminal 9V-12V (alkaline/Li-ion)
Programming port USB B jack
RTC crystal 32.768 kHz
Live Digital Video Stream Yes
Live View Quality Up to 720p
FPV Headset Compatible Yes



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